Friday, August 7, 2009

About Fusion Personal Training

     I have over six years experience as a personal trainer.  Certified with the National Personal Training Institute, a top personal training school located in many cities across the nation. 
     I attended the school in Orlando Florida where I focused 100 hours on the theory and practice of personal training, 100 hours in basic nutrition, 100 hours in anatomy and physiology, and 200 hours of practical application of personal training.
     Over the past six years I have had a very high success rate with my clients reaching their goals. 
     My philosophy for personal training is three components that consist of, Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Nutrition plays a very big roll in reaching your goals. That's why I educate my clients with a customized nutrition plan. Being a chef I always have great ideas and healthy recipes for my clients.
     My goal is to provide the motivational and educational tools to help achieve a life that is balanced and healthy.....Fusion.


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